Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy New Years

A new years is just upon us and it time to think about those resolutions we said we would do for sure in 2011. Mine go something like this
Not loose weight but shift it around, you know,Fat to Muscle.
Be more caring of others.
Learn to Knit.
Do more crafts
Do yoga daily
Walk more
Eat right
and to Communicate more
Well you have just seen my list for 2012!
To be honest I made some strides in 2011. I have done some knitting. Each time I pick it up I have to read how to do the stitch over again Maybe I should pick it up more then once every couple of months.
I have all the ideas and stuff to do the crafts but my craft table is full of stuff! No room to work.
As for yoga, well I read how to do it and watch my DVDs. Yes I have done some yoga but net everyday, and not past the warm up.
Eating right, I may eat my chili with hot dogs and pig out on chips more often then i should. Though in my defense we did plant a garden.  Had some herbs and tomatoes.  The broccoli, cabbage, beans and peas all perished from critters and frost.  To aid in good health and my love of eggs we have 5 chickens so I am eating right. Just not all the time.
To communicate more with family and friends. well I stared a blog and we added Skype to our computer.
I do believe next year i will completed this list.
So whatever your resolutions are, just remember to give it your best shot, don't give up, keep going and you will have less to complete the following year.