Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What a wonderful day.  October 1.  I have been a fan of EPCOT since day one, or well before.  As a young kid I was thrilled with the idea of Disney linking the ideas of Worlds Fairs with there knowledge of entertainment and education.     
 (I wrote WDW for more info, Called and purchased merchandise, posters, postcards,bumper stickers, licence plate and other as sorted items.  When they came in the mail I poured over them and wonderd what it would be like to be in the middle of it all). What could be better and after 30 years it's still a super combination and keeps people on there toes.  EPCOT CENTER allowed us to see so many of the newest stuff out there, now most of it is in our homes or in our pockets.  But on this day I found out what the greatest gift EPCOT has given the world, hope, peace and understanding,of us as humans.  EPCOT showed us that we as a Planet, as people can get along and be happy.  No other place can you enter and make new friends run into old, ones and be remembered from years past.  Here you look out for one another and you take seconded place.  After 30 years and thinking of why I love EPCOT . It's every one, every business and every idea coming together for the good of mankind.  When you leve EPCOT you leave with the a new found hope that it's one great big beautiful tomorrow.

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