Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween

Grave stones waiting to be placed

Halloween on the Horizon

Halloween is just around the corner and we need to get our ghoul on.  
With a vacation coming up and this month half over, we have to move like a bat out of well you know.  
So we got our urns out, tombstones, lights and pumpkins. Have used the urns for 3 years in a row.  Each year I dress them differntly. This year they have become arrangemest like you might see graveside.
They will live in the front planters next to or near our 3 tombstones ( i need to make more).  Urn one is light with orange and black lights going up the branches. Urn two is going to have an eerie glow as i have Cool White lights wrapped under the the lip of the urn.

Urn One
Urn Two

I made three Grave Markers from old pallets. they work great and age wonderfully in our weather.
One for MOM & DAD who died together. The other is unknown,or waiting for you?
This one is to look like marble and has lost the picture of the owner of the plot.
We have 31 mixed size pumpkins that we add to the scene. One or two each day till we have all 31 out.  Our neighbors try and find all 31.  Good luck.  
Our house is white so it takes color very well. The balcony gets orange and black lights on the floor.  This makes the walls and celling of the balcony glow as if on file.  The rest of the top floor is bathed in red. The main floor is a wash in purple and the Graveyard is lit with low wattage Malibu lights.  
I want to try the fog machine this year.  We will be home this year to take part in "Gift Giving" of the season.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Herb n summer

Herbs, Peppers & Tomatoes
Well summer is almost over.  The days are cooling off and the nights even colder.  Soon it will be time to shut off the A/C.  Here are some of the herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes we have harvested.   Unfortunatly we lost a lot of plants this year.  Not sure why.   Every thing started out well enough, cucumber vines long, green, lot of bloom and then, death!
The whole vine wither to zilch.     Tomatoes took their sweet time but now we have them lots.                                           A few more and sauce they will become.
Herb Garden now
Herb Garden in late May

Drying Tyme
 We have herbs in the freezer.    Herbs, dried in jars and next herbs in olive oil or butter, freeze and use as fresh all Winter long.
I have put seeds down for beans, broccoli, beets and lettuce.
We will see what shows it's head before the first frost,