Friday, October 21, 2011

MaiRo & CO - How we got our name

MaiRo & Co is just the names of our dogs cut-up and spliced together to make an unusual and hopefully memorable name.
When we had only Maisie we thought of MaisieMu (that was her nickname ).
Then we got Rosie and we went with MaiRo.
We moved to Ohio and shortly after we rescued Coco and the name was growing.
Three Dog Bakery was taken and to play on that just seem on riding on coattails.
Robert & I thought about it and looked at other successful companies, what names lasted the test of time, and we chose MaiRo & Co
Sounds like a persons name, simple to remember, and roll of the tounge nicley

Maisie is the oldest at 10 years, Rosie is next at 8 years and Coco, an true Buckeye is 2 years.