Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Egg Layers

Happy 1st Birthday to our little flock.
Just before spring last year we thought about getting some chickens for our yard, we had enough room 1/3 of an acre and I love eggs. We thought it would be a great and fun way to be urban farmers. We have 2 4x4 planting beds, and a few pots we grow vegetables in. So chickens were a great addition. The are great garbage disposals, eating vegie scraps from the kitchen, the give eggs for food, are food themselves in a couple of years and thier poop is good
for the soil (composting it).

We have a flock of 5. 3 New Hampshire Red
(Brown) and 2 Plymouth Rock (White) I think, they look like the pictures in my "Keeping Chickens"book.
They have a Tractor Coop. Its on wheels and moves around the yard, in theory. As we found out our yard is the lowest point in the village and we get all the rain runoff. So our yard is somewhat muddy in the spring. Hard to move the coop around. But the girls like it.
This year we have let the girls have time outside the coop, which they enjoy very much.
Maisie, Rosie and Coco have been introduced the girls. Maisie doesn't care, Coco is not sure what they are and Rosie like to chase them around the yard.
This year we hope to barter for other farm goodies with all the eggs we have left over.
These are the eggs we use in our Baked Dog Treats. Happy Chickens make Great Eggs that make MaiRo & Co dog treats something special.
Have to go, gotta check on the seedlings.