Saturday, September 15, 2012

Herb n summer

Herbs, Peppers & Tomatoes
Well summer is almost over.  The days are cooling off and the nights even colder.  Soon it will be time to shut off the A/C.  Here are some of the herbs, bell peppers and tomatoes we have harvested.   Unfortunatly we lost a lot of plants this year.  Not sure why.   Every thing started out well enough, cucumber vines long, green, lot of bloom and then, death!
The whole vine wither to zilch.     Tomatoes took their sweet time but now we have them lots.                                           A few more and sauce they will become.
Herb Garden now
Herb Garden in late May

Drying Tyme
 We have herbs in the freezer.    Herbs, dried in jars and next herbs in olive oil or butter, freeze and use as fresh all Winter long.
I have put seeds down for beans, broccoli, beets and lettuce.
We will see what shows it's head before the first frost,