Friday, May 10, 2013

Chicken fun

This was funny and I had to share.

We let our feathered girls out for some morning chicky time around 7:30 after coffee is set to perkulate.
I do my morning chores of letting the Big girls out, let out the feathered girls, and  feed the birds.  When feeding the birds the chickens will follow me to the back door and wait till i get the bird food and then follow me to the feeder where they get some seed. Then they will wonder around the backyard and scratch and eat to their hearts content.  Today is a wet morning so i took my coffee at the dinning room table and stared to check the computer. Involved in some Facebook time I was startled to hear a load, sharp, metal quick tapping sound.  I stopped and listened, there it was again, what was it?  the third time I heard it  I got up and moved to where the sound was coming from.  as i approached the backdoor and what greeted me. one of our girls pecking on the backdoor.
Knock Knock
Anybody Home?

It's about time!
when she saw me she moved over and looked at me, with a stern look, so i could get out, at this all here sister moved in and lead me to back to the coop, the chickens would cross in front of me or if  I changed the direction as I walk they would move in, like herding dogs, very close to me not allowing me to go in another direction. As my little group and I came up on the coop I saw that they could get in, the door had shut. 
 It was so funny to see chickens on all four side leading to the coop.

I thought this was very funny.