Saturday, August 3, 2013

Origami balloon lanterns DIY/Craft Friday

Last year we created a second dining area in our backyard.  We utilized the land that an old shed was on, great flat area, and with an old patio table and chairs we had a nice shaded dining area.  I wanted this year to add some lighting; solar was out as it is too shaded for them to collect enough sun to make power.
I decided on small strands of light with lanterns. I remembered a project I did in grade school, we were learning origami and we made these little, square balloons.  I thought this was perfect. I would make a bunch of them and string them on some christmas lights.  I would have what I wanted, soft light for dining by.

How to Make an Origami Balloon: 8 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

See the Website above for an animated how to.

First take your square paper( I used 5 3/4) and fold in half flat edge to flat edge, then again.
Fold Corner to corner. Turn paper and fold again. Crease each fold with a bone knife, butter knife, or  a cake tester with a looped end.

This next one is tricky - Look to the above web link for an animated how to fold.

This is two steps

Take your paper and fold the flat sides in at the crease you made so it forms a triangle as seen above.
Then take each point and fold up to meet the top of the triangle. (If you wish to get the "legs" on the lanterns as I have, make your first fold then turn that fold like a book, and fold the next one on the same side, left, and left.)

 After all four folds it should look like this.

Now fold each point towards the middle and make a "football." Again, if you want the "legs," fold and turn, fold and turn.
 Now comes the tricky part. You need to find the small hole in the balloon and blow it up. If your balloon is to small you may need to push up on the bottom and use a long narrow wire to push out the sides. I used my cake tester.
Balloon "Lantern" with leggs
Now the easy part. Take all your" lanterns" and holiday lights outside; I have used clear, although color is good too.  String up your lights at a seated level and start to add your lanterns

Take the little light and put it into the hole at the top. It should fit and stay.  If you need to, take a length of tape to hold it into place or a dab of hot glue will do the trick just as well. 
Place the lanterns on every other light or as you wish.  I did every two lights.
(You can dab a little hot glue on any part of the lantern that may stick up or out)

 And this is what you will get when you are done.

So that's all for today, I still have a lot more lanterns to make to finish my DIY / Craft project. 
I look forward to showing off my "Dining Room" pictures on Thursday.
Let's hope there is no rain this weekend. 
Let me know what yours look like.