Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This is ROSIE

This is Rosie. 
Rosie was our second do we rescued from the local shelter in California. The folks at the shelter told us she was going to be a big dog.This would match to Maisie our first dog, a Bearded Collie mix. 
 Rosie was to be a Doberman mix.  
Well as you can see Rosie is a small dog. Mighty, but small.  
Rosie like to spend her time napping, sitting outside getting lots of sun or chasing after Squirrels
 and other wild animals that venture into her domain.
Rosie last Christmas with her gift. We had to wake from her nap in daddy's chair.

One thing Rosie is keen on is when I start to bake Dog Treats.  The whole gang will sit just outside the kitchen door and watch me with interest.  Each time I venture out of the kitchen they hot foot it over to me and Rosie will look up like she has never had a Treat before. 
Rosie is the best for one at giving "that" Look. (see above) Please Sir, may I have just one.
Rosie is very smart and know what she wants.  She has on more then one occasion sniffed a treat and turn her head and looked at me. Saying "No not that one, get me another flavor, the one I want"  
I will ask her what she would like. Rosie will trot over to the correct treat jar and sit and look at it then me, it then me.  
She will do this till I offer her one treat.  

Rosie peeking our from the bed curtains after her nap
Rosie love to nap, she and papa will nap in the afternoons.
Here she is taking a rest in the late morning sun
She love to sleep with her head under the bed and her little but on the pillow.  Such a cut little girl. 

Rosie love the chickens and will, when she wants help round-up the girls. She will sit by the coop door and watch the chickens.  I am not sure if she wants to catch one for dinner or 
just making sure the local Hawk days away.
Rosie will be 9 in June and her favorite flavor is, the one she want to eat.
But mostly Peanut Butter that's been dipped in  Carob.
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