Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carob Dippings

 So what is new? 
Well we have added our first new line of treats.
We added to our great flavors by adding a wonderful and yummy Carob topping to our treats.
Carob is kinda like, chocolate for dogs.  (we purchase ours   from Barrys From here in Ohio.) It is a unsweetend veriaty so to humans it taste like a bitter sweet chocolate. We dip the tops and sides of the treat, don't want to much of a good thing. right!  We intorduced Valentine's Day Treats as our first offerings and soon all the bones will be avaiable.  Some of our Treats below.

R. Bones with Heart,    l. Circle N Hearts        Bottom - Facebook Fan Exclusive item.
Its been fun learning about Carob. Luckly I have used human chocolate before so this knowledge help out.
Measure, Melt, Mix, Dip, Drip and Dry.  
This was all done in a double boiler.  (My Ikea pot and Pampered Chef double boiler insert.) 
This was a fun process, very messy at times. clean up was well, thank whoever envented the dishwasher.
Made clean up oh so easy, now if i get sombody to put them away all will be right in my world.

One last note of importance.
Here is our NEW display at the Greenhills OH Post Office.
Maisie, Rosie, Coco, Robert & I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day

I should have a new post very soon.  Keep an eye out for it. 
Tail-Waggin goodtimes!!