Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Spending Easter Sunday with family is just tradition in any family and we are no exception.
But since moving to Ohio our family is small.
So with Maisie, Rosie and Coco we did the usual things most kid do, Hunt for Eggs.
Now having an Egg Hunt for our girls was a new challenge.  How to get them to stay away so we could hide the eggs and how would they know what to look for.  Smell was the answer.
 Robert got some over sized plastic eggs, (Leggs Eggs are no made, to bad) and treat to put inside.
This way the girls had something to go on.
Maisie looking for eggs
We let the girls smell the eggs and then tried to get them into the house so we could hide the eggs.
Not an easy feat.  I got Rosie & Coco on the patio.
Maisie being the smart one followed Robert around to see the hiding places.

Hidden egg

Coco, Behind you
When that was done we let the girls "find" the eggs.  Coco found the first egg, took into her mouth and walk away with it.  Like most kids she let it go and ran after another egg.  Rosie found her egg and ran into the house and bit the egg open and devoured the contents. Maisie made a killing and sat in the garden eating her earned rewards.  Easter 2013 was a fun success and allowed us to continue a time honored and an old family tradition, well with a twist.
Rosie has her Egg

Maisie and her loot

Hope your Easter was as much fun as ours.

Now off to till the garden.