Friday, April 26, 2013

Our Website

This is the opening of our website.

I have learned so much about how to create and implement a website, and I am tired.
Thanks for understanding all the unusual changes being made to the site in the past year and half
But now I think we have it down and it should not change much in the future.
Stephen, Robert & Pluto. Best Friends.

We have are same "About Us" page, great photos of the treats and all the info folks want to know
about our treats.

We have upgraded to a new Shopping cart.Click and drag to change the order
Which allows us to give you more options in product, how to pay, and in Shipping.
No more limited options.

Shipping is now "REAL-TIME"  So now you can see an accurate cost to ship your product to your address.

This I believe was a big hold up for folks wanting to try our treats but the shipping was costly.
Not using Zones to determine your postal rate, 
which could be more or less than the actual shipping. So you will not be overcharged and 
we will not lose money on the shipping cost.

Shipping cost can be high on the first pound, but after that it's not that much more for added pounds.
( I wish eating was that way.)

We not only have our Website: but have added a Mobile link and Facebook Page Store.
Our Facebook Fan Page has all the great treats we offer. So no more switching back and forth to what's new or different.  Check for discounts you never know what we will offer you. store is always open too.

Coming soon we will be adding a Wholesale Page for those who wish to sell MaiRo & Co Dog Treats in there shops.

Thanks for making our business a success.