Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Have to share this with you.
I had a customer come in to the Village Post Office where I sell our treats and work (part time).  She asked questions about the dog treats we sell. MaiRo & Co Dog Treats, I told he about the wholesome and natural stuff we put into our treats, whole wheat flour, roasted carob powder, home made Peanut Butter, farm fresh eggs, locally sourced products.  Since her pup did not eat just everything, I offered some samples to take home.
She took the treats placed them in her pocket and left our shop to run more errands.
A few weeks later she stopped by to do some mailing and told me how the treat were such a great success.
(Remember she placed the treats in the pocket of her jeans.)  She got home from doing those errands and hand forgotten about the treats,so into the laundry basket those jeans went. Well we all know how good a dogs nose is. Her dogs sniffed out the carob mint treats from the other laundry smells. Got the jeans out, got into the pocket and ate the treats.  Also eating a whole in the pocket of her jeans.
 This is a true story. 
Just goes to show you good wholesome treats can never be hidden from ANY dog.

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