Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The weather out side is...

At this moment it is 16 degrees outside.  It's cold, very cold.  
California boy is not used to this.  But i do admit i love it.  
The water for the chickens get frozen in about 2 hours, so  we need to check it often. 
They are not very happy about this cold.  We have a heating lamp for them so they are toasty and warm. 
We are cold but our snow from yesterday is almost gone.  Its funny how its below freezing and still when the sun is out the snow will melt then refreeze after the sun goes behind the house (about 1pm).

Some to the melted-refrozen snow on the outdoor lights.
I have dedcided to update the reason for my blog. since i do not seem to write very much.  so this is all about our dogs and are life as MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery.
Hope this allowes me more topics to write to you and let you know what we are upto.
Happy Tail to you