Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dog Adoption, A Good Thing

Happy Independence Day
Dogs are amazing for you read the information below
Our dog Maisie and Rosie where found at our local shelter and Maisie even had a line waiting to adopt her, lucky us.  Rosie had to get along with Maisie before they would let us take to her new home.
Coco is a Ohio native and we adopted her from a very nice lady who rescues dog other do not want.
I really don't think it makes a difference what kind of dog you adopt just so the know they will be
your new Best Friend.
Our dogs make sure we are up by 7:30 am, Maisie is the alarm clock, barking at the bottom of the stairs till we get up and let her outside. Coco will jump on the bed, sit on my chest and lick my face till I agree to get up.  Rosie, like likes to sleep in.  Not in this house.  They love to play so we get a work out throwing ball and tug-o-war.  We talk walks every now and then, but the 3 of them is a challenge as they each want to do something different. Plus how can you have a bad day when you arrive home and you have your very own Welcome Party waiting for you.  You can't help smile and pet them to say Thank You for making my day.  Sometimes I think there are some people who need a dog with them ALL the time.

Adopting a Dog is not just good for you it, just a good thing to do.