Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playday July 16 2013

Play Day Tuesday

What dogs doesn't just love to play and play? They can play catch, fetch, run around and chase each other, jump on things and off things, wrestle with each other or just toss the rope in the air and catch it by themselves.

Our dogs have always been the running around type. If we play catch, I get the work out.  I throw the ball, they run past the ball and I go get the ball so they can RUN again.

 Maisie just loves to run and run and run. She plays with Rosie and Coco by chasing them  around the yard.  "Mu" is our oldest and so her play time is a little shorter now.

Rosie loves to play Tug-O-War with rope. She will dangle a rope in front of Maisie and wait for her to take it, then pull and growl. This can go on for a very long time! Another game Rosie likes is to lay on her back and try to eat the other dog's head--so funny!  She is also very sly. If she wants what Coco has, Rosie will ring their bell to go outside, then do a fake-out when Coco drops her toy to go outside by running back to grab Coco's toy, leaving Coco with nothing. Miss Rosie has them BOTH now.

Rosie chasing Maisie

Coco with Rope
Coco loves to chase any type of ball. And she will actually bring the ball back to you so she can retrieve it again.  She is good about carrying the ball around, so when you want to play she is ready.   She will also headbutt Maisie to get her to chase her around the yard. When I give Rosie some loving, Coco will come by and force her way between us and try to eat Rosie's head. When the growling and bouncing begins I have to get out of the way or I end up under them both as the try to eat my face.

With Ball
Coco has many toys: ball, robe, football, and kong.

Coco & Mu at play
Which way did he go?
Oh, and Rosie would chase squirrels around the yard all day long, if they would only stay around.

So that is Play Day with our little family.  How does your family play?