Thursday, July 25, 2013

Photo Log Thursday - July 25

Baking Baking and more Baking

Well, another week over and we did lots of things.

Gardening was kept up.  we 're getting lots of tomatoes, corn and blackberries.  We even had our first cucumber.  The cantaloupe and watermelon are doing nothing so far but growing very, very long vines.  Melons sono?  As for the broccoli and the spinach, we cant seem to get a break and their leaves seem to be eaten, but by whom?

Tomatoes on the vine

The chickens are getting used to each other but still stay in their little groups.  We have a rooster in the new group and I am trying to find him a home before he becomes Sunday Dinner. (Anybody know a good farm who needs a rooster, FREE?)

The New Girls (and Guy)
The "Bouncers"

We made denim toys (see Friday's blog), and Coco loves hers!

Coco with her New Toy

We celebrated National Hot Dog Day.  It seems I celebrated one day early, with grilled hot dogs, chili, and all the condiments that dress up hot dogs. Mmmm...  I am hungry now.

For me, everyday is National Hot Dog Day.

With a break in the HOT weather we grilled over the weekend.  Robert makes the best flank steak, marinated in fresh herbs, soy sauce and a bunch of his secret stuff.  Very very Yummy.  We also grilled asparagus with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  We use a fish basket to hold the asparagus; it works very well. Thanks to our friend is California for the great gift! We can't forget dessert: home made vanilla ice cream, with a blackberry wine sauce. Again YUMMY.

Can you say YUMMY?

Wednesday was another Concert on the Commons in our little village.  We debuted our new tent. It's the same size but seems much more roomy. I think it even brought more folks to our booth.

Back side of the NEW Tent

A couple of weeks ago, our Mr. Coffee stopped working and we decided to not just buy "another" Mr. Coffee but save and get a REAL, good coffee maker, one that would not break down after the one-year warranty was up.  For now we use a 1960s Corningware percolater.

So far this week.  Have a cup of coffee and enjoy your weekend.