Monday, July 15, 2013

Remember Monday - Dog Wisdom

 Remember Monday - July 15, 2013

Well, we start a new chapter in my blog. 
Small, daily fun items to help us do better; new 
and playful things with man's best friend, our DOG.

 Dog Wisdom 
Watch your pup, he will help be your life coach.  
They know when to work and work hard.  Jobs like tearing up your shoe, the left one. They go about this job with gusto and without having to take time to lean "how to."
They know when to play,  after the work is done.  Your dog can sense when you may need a break.  When he comes to you and want to play ball, take the time; he will be happy and so will you. 
 Your voice tells your dog that she has done something wrong. Even before you can say "I am sorry" she forgives you and is ready for some fun. Follow her actions and  forgive the people in your life quickly so you can enjoy a happy play time and a nap.

When the day is stressful and we think we can't take anymore,

 Remember to 

Chase After your Dreams, 
Never Stop Playing, 
Make Your Own Fun, 
Take a Nap
 and just 
Your dog has all the answers, just follow.

Above photo found on Pinterest.