Monday, July 8, 2013

Weeks of fun, food and games

New Blog Schedule
Ok, so I really did not have a schedule in the first place, but now I do.  
Lets go with that and 
"Keep Moving Forward"

Look forward to a whole week of  Life of dog stuff, not just information from MaiRo & Co Dog Treat Bakery but our live as well. Thing that you may already know, new stuff, creative things and just some really way out there ideas, and of coarse the "what was he thinking" category.
So here is the line up Starting Monday JULY 15.
Monday - Remember - important pet info &  reminder of life's little happenings. Thing you know, but have put on the back burner of your mind. 
Tuesday- Play Day - New trick, toys and fun things to do with your little guy. 
Wednesday- Recipe - Something in the kitchen files for you or your dog. New and Old.
Thursday- Photos - Photos of our week, our friends or just some handsome landscapes
Friday- Craft / DIY - a fun project for you to do, should be simple
Saturday & Sunday- Day for you to be with your Whole Family and Play, take photos, do little projects and make dinner and remember the weekend.
Please let me know of any fun things we can spotlight in coming weeks.
Your input is always wanted, needed and appreciated.

Stephen Drace
MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery