Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Play Day Tuesday July 23 - DIY Denim Toy

Well, how did you do on your denim play toys?  
We made a few ourselves and let the dogs try them out. Take a look.
Four strips of denim about two inches wide and a foot or so long.
Since I am more a visual person, the directions helped but confused me a bit until, as Creativity Unmasked said, "You will understand better with your strips in front of you plus trial and error." I must say there was not much error here; this was a very simple toy to make.

I set up my strips like this, then folded them over each other.
After trying it like the photos. I came up with this method that worked for me and my brain.

Next I turned it over and tucked each tail of the strip into the loop it covers. 

One by one I pulled the tails tight to get this wonderful knot.

Having extra long tails, I decided to tie the tails with tail next to it to make one big knot.

Finished Product. I am happy.
With our denim toys all finished, we went outside to play. Coco was really ready to play with them, jumping and dancing around me till we got to the end of the patio path.
I threw one of the toys into the air and she would run and catch it.  Then Coco would run up to me and then run away. Run up to me and run away.  I had to grab it from her so we could play again.
Here are some photos of Coco with her denim toy. She carried it all around the yard with her. When I tried to take it from her she would turn her head and look at me like "Um, you made this for me, so back off"

A rare moment came when Coco let go of her toy. I swooped in and tossed it high in the air again.  
Now I want to see if I can add a tennis ball to the inside and make it look like a denim comet. 
Coco has had the toy all day and has not given it up yet. 
Hope you folks had as much fun as we did.  
Play well, Play safe, and JUST PLAY!

Thanks to Creativity Unmasked for this wonderful DIY dog toy idea. 
Visit their blog soon.